Saturday, November 10, 2012


I once dated a guy who said to me “Ugh, I hate crows. They’re nothing but flying rats.” I was taken aback. I thought to myself, “How could you be so stupid?” Crows are bad ass. They are big, ballsy, boisterous, bad ass birds. They will size your ass up, turn their backs on you and dare your ass to do something stupid.  They are not afraid of you. They are not afraid of your car and they are certainly not afraid of your dumbass dog. When other lesser birds will fly away in fear, a crow will stare down a 4000 lb car barreling in it’s direction, hop over a few feet to let the car pass, then hop back to finish what it was doing. Why? because he’s smart and he’s crafty and he don’t take no shit. So if you’re not hip to the almighty crow, here are a few reasons why you should give mad crow props.

1.   Crows are smarter than your stupid dog. Literally. Why? Because crows possess an ability that only humans and apes are capable of…using tools. But not only does he use tools, he can also make and shape tools to fit the job.  Researchers now believe that crows are possibly smarter than chimpanzees. It’s been well documented that crows in Japan regularly drop nuts into traffic so the nuts will be crushed by cars. Which is pretty smart right? But then the crows line up on the sidewalk, wait for the cross walk to signal go and then they collect their nuts while all cars are stopped. Have you ever seen squirrels doing that? No. Because they’re dead.

2.   Crows roll tight with their posse and they ain’t afraid of your ass.  Crows from all around will come to the defense of another crow if he is in distress. And if you F with crows, they will remember your ass and they will F with you back. Some students at the University of Washington decided to capture some crows to weigh, measure and then release them. That pissed the crows off and the crows told their crow friends and for the next few months, the students who were involved in the study were dive bombed and harassed every time they walked around campus.  Then they left for summer break. When they returned two months later, the crows were waiting for their sorry asses and continued the campaign of terror. To this day, crow research students at the University of Washington wear wigs and masks when collecting the birds for study. When a bunch of crows get together, it’s called a murder. Nuff said.

3.   Crows are tight with their peeps. They mate for life. Offspring usually stay with the family for a few years and take care of new siblings as they come along. If you see a group of 5-15 crows, most likely they are a family. I once had a baby crow fall out of a tree in my backyard. Every time I attempted to go to my car, I had three crows screaming at me to stay clear of the baby. After a day or two, they started to recognize me and knew I wasn’t going to mess with their kid and so they stopped screaming and just watched me. I appreciated our mutual respect.  There are many accounts of crows having “funerals” for their dead. Large numbers will gather and squawk loudly and often return for several days to the spot of a fallen bird. Crows are big on family and they take care of each other. They are a lot like people in that way. Well, maybe some higher evolved people.

So the next time you encounter some dumbass saying that crows are like vermin and should be exterminated, I hope you stand up for this mighty bird. They deserve our awe and respect and we are privileged to have them live among us. Don’t you agree?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Did you know LAX has a dog park?

It’s ultra tiny but it comes complete with water, faux grass, a working fire hydrant and poop bags. It's everything a dog needs after a long flight. You’ll find this little slice of heaven in five different locations around the lower levels. Here's a handy little map showing all the "relief stations" that you can print out the next time you travel... Here.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

GPS Tracking For Your Pet!

I keep running across ads for new gps trackers for your pet and I think they are such a great idea. Basically, your cat or dog wears a gps tracker on it's collar and you specify a geographic "zone" that your pet is usually in. If your pet leaves that zone, you receive a text and email. The best deal I've seen so far comes from The devise is about $200 and includes the first year of service. After that, it's $60 a year. They are light weight and water resistant. The Tagg device allows you to see your pet's location online at all times and sends you directions of how to find your pet if he is lost. Other companies don't have the online tracking and use more of a concierge service that you can call in and find out where your pet is. I think that is more of a hassle plus they charge close to $200 a year! So, if you have a dog that likes to bolt, check it out...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

My New Greeting Cards!!

I am very happy to announce that I have just signed with Recycled Paper Greetings and they will be publishing my greeting cards all over the US and Canada! Next month my first 8 designs hit the stores. Look for them in Target and Walmart stores, among others. Special thanks to my models and muses Carlos, Reya, Parker, Obie, Vido and Sancho.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pooping Guinea Pigs

One of my favorite pet sitting stories comes from my friend Mike. He was once hired to look after 2 small dogs which involved several visits a day. Mike showed up at the new clients house to meet the dogs and go over their routine. During the tour, Mike noticed a cage with 2 guinea pigs. The family never mentioned the guinea pigs and so Mike never asked. He assumed they would be self sufficient or perhaps someone else would be caring for them. (Rule #1 never assume anything in this business) So, for whatever reason, no one mentioned the guinea pigs.
Well, on the first visit, Mike was greeted with a note that just casually mentioned that the guinea pig would need to be cared for after all. To Mike's horror, he discovered that "Jimmy" was a little constipated and usually needed help pooping. The instructions and picture left for him are priceless. My favorite part is when they say "There is no need to empty him completely". Oh, what a relief!